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Accutane - Accutane results: How long does it take to show?

Accutane results show up within a few days after the therapy has been initiated and often the result is a cleared up skin that’s also softer and more radiant than what it used to be before. However, it’s not an effect brought about entirely by the medication but due to the supportive moisturizers and related paraphernalia. Accutane cures acne completely but also leaves the skin dry and flaky; unless backed up by moisturizers and skin toning lotions and/or cleansers, Accutane results may not appear as bright as they might seem right at the first glance.

accutane before and after pictures

accutane before and after pictures

If one thing dominates us humans, it is impatience and those under an Accutane program exhibit it all the more. But Accutane is no instant coffee mix; noticeable results take time to be visible. It also depends on individual body types and Accutane results often show up as a mix-match of pretty negative side effects, passing through which rock-steady ensures real, long-term improvements. So, be ready to bear with all that sensitiveness of the skin to sunlight and chapped lips for around a couple of months before the silk-smooth skin shows up.

However, Accutane results also show up in many an adverse ways if rules are not followed the way they are supposed to. Starting from mild-to-moderate headaches, nausea and vomiting to more severe symptoms like elevated triglyceride levels and cardiac disorders may show up with using Accutane before and after. Thus, it is paramount that you check your lipid profile prior to taking this medication and let your doctor know if you have had or still have some sort of cardiac disorder. However, there’s no need to grow panicky about the back or joint pains; they are common results following a treatment with Accutane.

accutane before and after

accutane before and after

To ward off the Accutane results at the skin-level, a moisturizer (with UV protection) is always recommended while usage of balms or anything with a burning effect is strongly discouraged. Other Accutane results may show up as puckering on the skin surrounding the eyes; wrinkles on the forehead and sometimes, even neck rashes that may develop into acne breakouts, which, over a few weeks disappear, leaving behind a spotless, glowing skin. All in all, Accutane results primarily bring over a lot of distress but leave you shining and happy for the rest of your life. Now, three months of suffering towards becoming a new you is not at all a bad thing.




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