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Clomid - Clomid Calculator

Many women have discovered the helpful assistance of Clomid. Clomid helps your body to produce eggs in order to help increase the likelihood of pregnancy during your ovulation period. Many women have found this extremely effective, and even more have begun to try it. It can be difficult to know when your optimal time for conceiving is, so there has been a development of the Clomid calculator.

Every woman ovulates at a different time during the month. Since not everyone is the same it can extremely difficult for a doctor to pin down the exact time for prime time conception. Since this is the case the development of the Clomid calculator was necessary so that women would be able to easily tell when they needed to get down to business.

Clomid is taken on a five day process. Clomid treatments will begin at some point between three to five days into your cycle. The Clomid will be taken over a five day period in which your body will begin ovulation. Generally this ovulation period will last anywhere from five to nine days after your last initial dose of Clomid. It is important to keep track of when you begin taking the treatments for you will need this information in order to properly use the Clomid calculator.

The Clomid calculator is setup in order to make you aware of your prime time for conception. It is easy to use and almost full proof. All you will need is the date in which you began taking your Clomid treatments. Pull up the Clomid calculator and enter in the date in which you began taking your treatments and then click, calculate. The Clomid calculator will then produce three sets of timeframes for you.

The first sets of dates you will receive from the Clomid calculator are your expected time for treatments which will result in your expected ovulation time. For example if you begin taking your treatments on 3/25 than you will be taking them from 3/25 – 3/29, you should expect to be ovulating between 4/3-4/8. Your ovulation time period is the prime time to work on conceiving a baby.

It is recommended that you begin your luteinizing hormone testing (LH testing) up to a couple of days before your expected ovulation period. This date when you should begin testing will be one of the dates that you receive from the Clomid calculator. This will insure that you do not miss any of your ovulation time by accident or a miscalculation. Remember not every woman is the same, so the Clomid calculator builds in a buffer to make sure you do not miss your window.

The last date you will receive from the Clomid calculator is the date on which you should begin trying to conceive. The start date that is provided should just be a jumping point. Partners should continue making love every one to two days from the start date throughout the ovulation timeframe. This is to optimize the use of the egg if at all possible.

Keep in mind that couples with no problems only have about a 25% chance of conceiving when they begin to try, so if it does not happen in the first cycle do not give up hope. The majority of Clomid users do conceive within 6 months of treatments, so just keep on trying. The Clomid calculator will help make sure you are ready when you need to be, and will help you optimize your ovulation days as much as possible. Your doctor will be happy to discuss all the options available to you, and let you know how they feel about which treatment plan you decide to follow.




violet adewale-ajayi
May 29, 2011

what do you mean by taking clomid 3-5 days into your cycle? do you mean 3-5 days after the cycle, or while menserating?

milda anyi
April 26, 2012

i have used clomid twice and this is the third time i am taking it and i do believe this time arround i will give a good by the grace of God

nanna ESTHER
May 28, 2013

pls I was taken family planning injection from sept 2012 to jan 2013 then took clomid 50g 2 days in to my menstrual period In apirl 2013. how long will it take for me to be pregnant?


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