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Doxycycline - Doxycycline and alcohol

Not only the antacids, iron- and/or magnesium-based supplements and Phenobarbitals to be considered, doxycycline and alcohol also boil down to a similar story. The best thing to do is avoid alcohol while on a doxycycline prescription, as much as direct sunlight on your skin. However, since alcohol doesn’t bear a ‘strictly prohibited’ tag, many people continue taking the same, although they must keep in mind that ‘not prohibited’ doesn’t read ‘recommended’.

Doxycycline and alcohol: How fatal is the combination?

Studies from the American Society of Microbiology Journal show alcohol flushes out doxycycline from the system faster than it is supposed to; thereby reducing its overall efficacy. The only way to counter it is setting more frequent dosage, but when it is doxycycline and alcohol issue, only a certified physician would know how many times it needs to be taken. Don’t try to set the frequency as per your intuition. The flushing out reduces the level of doxycycline in the blood if alcohol is present in the system by making the liver metabolize the compound. However, that’s for heavy drinkers; moderate alcohol consumption has little or no issue regarding it. So when we say “doxycline and alcohol doesn’t match’, it means – there’s too much of alcohol present in the system. But then again, ‘too much’ is a vague term and it depends from person to person; should you continue your drinking habits while on the medication, let the doctor speak of the limit.

There’s one more thing you must consider regarding Doxycycline and alcohol and that is the medication disrupts the probiotic flora in the intestines. Probiotics are – “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”(definition by WHO), so anything gone wrong with them means an upset stomach and nausea and all the related troubles. Alcohol will increase that risk many times, so abstinence from it during the span of the medication sounds a sensible option. That applies especially to pregnant ladies and nursing mothers; as it is, alcohol is not a good thing during pregnancy and lactation and the doxycycline-alcohol combination will harm the fetus (or the baby) even more, affecting negatively the genes responsible for healthy bone and teeth development; doxycycline has been found to color the teeth.

Since Doxycycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic and certain infections require alcohol to be cut off completely, a combination of doxycycline and alcohol might prove fatal if not specifically mentioned by a medical practitioner.




Arida Corcahdo
March 20, 2012

I am takin this medication and in the beginning it was working , but after a while it has not been working at all. my doctor still giving me the same dose. it any way that i can try another medication that does the same effect?

Anthony Coleman
April 14, 2013

There are no bad interaction when mixing doxycycline and alcohol. However, alcohol does decrease the effectiveness of this drug by flushing doxycycline from the body.


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